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Application: Hydrogen Generation for Chlorine Manufacturing Company

What is Hydrogen Generation?
Hydrogen is already widely produced and used, but it is now being considered for use as an energy carrier for stationary power and transportation markets. Hydrogen is an important utility for numerous applications in multiple industries.
This project involved about 6 no. of redundant controller system of Honeywell. The scope included the Hardware Engineering Drawings, Graphics, Logic, system Integration, FAT, Site commissioning & SAT. The Application of these Project to build the application for:

  • Solvent Recovery
  • Neutralization
  • Crude Degassing and washing, Drier
  • Distillation Column

Key Benefits of Automation for the Chemical Plant:
Use of Hydrogen Peroxide provides a "Clean Process" and enables to maintain pollution free environment as it decomposes to water and Oxygen. The rate of decomposition is as low as 1.0% per year at normal room temperature. The Automation of the process with control system can help to bring this under control under 1.0%. The control system is engineered to take care of the various aspects of the control in the plant to ensure proper process control is done. The accurate temperature controls in the Distillation process will help to yield the better produced chemicals.

  • Typical Standard Graphics
  • Typical System Architecture
  • Project Detail

The Project consists of Total 12 Cabinets with 2 Redundant DCS controllers and Redundant IO’s. Complex Sequence Generation for Hydrogenation Process was under taken by Engineering Team.

Details of the Chemical plant system size:

Process Type/ System Analog Input Analog Output Digital Input Digital Output Total I/O Customer Name
C-300 267 55 441 148 911 Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Limited
(GACL) – Chlorine plant
C-200 445 190 900 870 2405 Nalco - Alumina Refinery