Industries & Applications - Overview

UL Group the leading Industry in the field of Automation, Electrical & Electronics businesses. UL Group is guaranteed source of products & service of Global Standards. UL has own Technology Centre for support in engineering software, communication technologies like Profibus, Fieldbus, Ethernet, FO and wireless and engineering software's.

UL Group created a technology center with prime responsibility of understanding requirements, finding out solutions, sharing successful case studies. Our use of in-depth analysis, latest technologies and industry insight have earned us the recognition & that believes in finding answers that are innovative, cuts through the myriad processes and helps our clients in attaining results in a faster and smarter manner.

Domain Capabilities

  • Building Automation, Utilities
    • AHU & Chiller Plant
  • Waste Heat Recovery – CO-GEN Industry
  • Chemical Plants
  • Power plant (Ash Handling)
  • Power Plant (Coal Handing)
  • Power Plant (Condensate Polishing Unit)
  • Power Plant (Auxiliary Boiler System)
  • Power Plant (DM Water Unit)
  • Industrial Communication
  • Water treatment -De-Mineralization
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Shelter Protection System
  • Paper Plant
  • Waste water/Effluent Treatment plant
  • Oil Pumping Station project

Working Industry Domains

Building Automation

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

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Waste Heat Recovery – CO-GEN Industry

CO-GEN Industry

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Industrial Power Industry

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Chemical Plant

Hydrogen Generation for Chlorine Manufacturing Company

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